In the second volume and second issue of Indonesian Journal of Natural Pigments, "Carotenoid Production by Rhodosporidium paludigenum Using Cassava Starch Hydrolyzed by Bacillus subtilis as Substrate" has been selected as our journal cover. This research paper has been reported by Warjoto et al. on page 36 (DOI: In this article, it was highlighted that three major stages of this study included cassava starch hydrolysis by B. subtilis (a), carotenoid production by R. paludigenum using cassava starch hydrolysate as substrate (b), and carotenoid extraction from the submerged yeast fermentation culture as well as the total carotenoid determination (c). The total carotenoid yield towards biomass was 69.68 ± 0.08 µg/g.

Published: 2020-08-31

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