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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • The text adheres to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines. All figures, tables, and schemes are embedded in the manuscript as one single file with a maximum size of 2 MB.
  • The submission file is in Microsoft Word (.doc) file format.
  • The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration (or an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Editor).
  • The manuscript has been checked by standard plagiarism softwares such as Turnitin or iThenticate with similarity index less than 25%. The editorial office has the right to perform the check again.
  • The English grammar has been checked and mistype must be avoided.

Author Guidelines

Indonesian Journal of Natural Pigments (Indones. J. Nat. Pigm.) is a double-blind international peer-review and open access journal covering all aspects of natural pigments including biodiversity of natural pigment resources (isolation and analysis of photosynthetic pigments), pigments for food and healthcare, pigments for energy and pigments for sensors. Manuscript with concern on artificial of natural pigments from organic and inorganic compounds for the above applications is also welcome. The journal publishes original research papers (full paper) and review articles. The paper published in this journal implies that the work described has not been, and will not be published elsewhere, except in the abstract, as part of a lecture, review or academic thesis. Original research article (full paper) presents original research that is expected to present a major advancement and contribution to the scope of the journal. 
Manuscripts must be submitted to Indonesian Journal of Natural Pigments using Online Submission. All submissions will be peer-reviewed. Submission to this journal proceeds totally online. Submissions mailed to the editorial office will not be processed. Use the following guidelines to prepare your article. If authors have any problems with the online submission, please contact the Editorial Office at the following email: ijnp[at]machung.ac.id or ijnp.mrcpp[at]gmail.com.
Manuscript Template
A manuscript should be prepared according to the following author guidelines. The IJNP template can be found here
1. Title
The title must be typed using a capital letter at the beginning of each word with a maximum for two lines (without any abbreviation), Arial with font size 14 and centered text.
2. Author and Affiliation
Author(s)’s name must be typed using Arial with font size 12 based on the order of their responsibilities in alphabetical order for different affiliations. It will be followed by the information of their affiliation(s) using Arial with font size 10 and italic style.
3. Abstract
The abstract must be typed in the range between 100 - 250 words in Arial with the font size of 9. This abstract must describe the importance of manuscript with at least one sentence. Moreover, abstract must have highlight(s), method(s), principal results and major conclusions. At the end of the abstract, it is encouraged to provide a plausible mechanism. Any abbreviations in abstract shall be firstly typed with their full names and it shall avoid references. The abstract must be followed by the graphical abstract containing an image (artwork) with appropriate size (in jpeg 300 dpi) and a short description up to 75 words in Arial with the font size of 8.  A maximum of 5 keywords shall be typed in Arial with the font size of 7.
4. Introduction
The introduction shall include the latest related research(es) as a driving force of the manuscript before author(s) provide highlight(s) of the current submission. 
5. Experimental
Experimental section shall contain general and research procedures. The general section must provide information about chemicals and instrumentations clearly. Instrumentation detail parameters also should be written in this part. Research procedures must include detailed information about experimental works.
6. Result and Discussion
Result and Discussion must contain at least two sub-headings. All the results and displayed figures, tables, equations, and schemes must be discussed.
 7. Conclusion
Conclusion shall have at least one paragraph containing a summary of the important research results. For review articles shall include the future perspective of the authors. 
8. Acknowledgment
The acknowledgment shall be provided in a professional way limited only for funding resources, scholarships, and contribution from people who are not listed in the authorship.  
9. References 
The related scientific publications shall be cited in numbering style. The numbers (no alphabetical characters) should appear in the text at the appropriate places in square brackets [ ].  References should be individually numbered in the order in which they are cited in the text and listed in numerical sequence. Self‐citations must be less than 25%. Reference formatting should use the Harvard style. We recommend using reference manager applications like Mendeley, Zotero, etc. 
for Books
[1] Daniels, K., Patterson, G. and Dunston, Y. (2014). The ultimate student teaching guide. 2nd ed. Los Angeles: SAGE Publications, pp.145-151.
for Article
[2] Dismuke, C. and Egede, L. (2015). The Impact of Cognitive, Social and Physical Limitations on Income in Community-Dwelling Adults With Chronic Medical and Mental Disorders. Glob. J. Health Sci. 2015, 7(5), 183-195, doi:10.5539/gjhs.v7n5p183.
for Proceedings
[3] Fox, R. (2014). Technological Advances in Banking. In: American Finance Association Northeast Regional Conference. Hartford: AFA, p. 24.
for Government Publication
[4] Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, (2012). BicyclePA Routes. Harrisburg: PENNDOT, p.1.
for Patents
[5] Masuyama, T., Suzuki, M. and Fujimoto, H. (1993). Structure for securing batteries used in an electric vehicle. 5,392,873.
10. Others
A. The headings shall be typed in bold capitals in Arial with the font size of 11. The sub-headings shall be typed in bold in Arial with the font size of 10. The first letter on sub-headings must be capitalized.
B. Every first line of paragraphs shall be indented in 0.5 cm.  
C. The figure can be provided in single- (8.5 cm) or double-column artwork (17.8 cm) in jpeg, png, tiff, or others with a quality of at least 300 dpi. Figure caption shall be written as a stand-alone sentence with a full stop and typed in center text using Arial with the font size of 8. If the length of the caption is more than one line, it shall be typed in justify text. All figures shall be cited in the text according to the appearances. The total number of figures and tables is not more than 8.
D. The table can be provided in single- (8.5 cm) or double-column artwork (17.8 cm) with single space. Table title shall be written as a stand-alone sentence with a full stop and typed in center alignment using Arial with the font size of 8. If the length of the title is more than one line, it shall be typed in justify text. All tables shall be cited in the text according to the appearances. The total number of figures and tables is not more than 8.
E. The equation shall be written in mathematics style and the numbering follows the Arabic number (1, 2, 3, etc.). The numbering shall be typed in right alignment using mathematic symbols with the font size of 10. 

Privacy Statement

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